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advanced client manager for wordpressAdvanced Client Manager for WordPressAdvanced-Client-Manager-for-WordPress

* Please note: The further development of this plugin has ended! *

Advanced Client Manager for WordPress 1.8.2

Advanced Client Manager is a plugin for wordpress. It is a powerful plugin that meets your needs as a small business or freelancer. It is extremely easy to use and you can manage your clients in a straightforward manner. It has all the essential features to manage customers and their contacts, projects and invoices. All of this together in one environment to produce better results.

Specially built for companies and freelancers who are looking for:

  • A simple way to manage their clients and their contacts, projects and invoices
  • Project management with multiple tasks and time-tracking
  • A nice function to create professional invoices
  • Altogether a great plugin for those who selling services and / or products

Support related issues should be send trough the contact form on my profile.

Features Overview

  • Client Management
    Easy management for all your clients
    A nice overview of all the contacts, projects or invoices related to a client
    Select a user from the wordpress user database and link it to one of your clients
    Let your customers log into the client portal where they can see their projects and invoices
  • Contact Management
    Manage all contacts from your clients easily
  • Project Management
    Create all your client related projects
    Update project progress at any time
    Set the start, due and end dates trough datepicker
  • Tasks Manager
    Add related tasks to your projects
    Update task progress at any time
    Set the start, due and end dates trough date picker
    A task timer that will track the time spent on a task
  • Invoice Management
    Create professional invoices for clients
    Define TAX percentage to your invoices
    Change the default currency
    View status of invoices
    Attach notes to your invoices
    Add own logo on invoices
    Customize invoice footers and headers
    Let your customers pay with Paypal
  • Item Management
    Manage your items/products
  • Easy Installation
    Easy installation, no programming skills required.


An attempt is made to keep the plugin up-to-date. All known bugs, errors and problems which are known be improved or resolved as soon as possible. If there are still problems encountered, please report them.

Version 1.8.0

  • [Fixed] Lost of template header and footer after updating the invoice settings
  • [Fixed] Various PHP errors and warnings corrected

Version 1.7.5

  • [Added] An update message for critical updates directly in wordpress
  • [Fixed] Various PHP errors and warnings corrected
  • [Fixed] Client portal displayed (twice) right after header

Version 1.7.1

  • [Added] Possibility to add product with negative value
  • [Fixed] Wysiwyg editor doesn’t show up properly
  • [Added] Option to change plugin capabilities for admin backend
  • [Fixed] Clientportal design issue caused by div-tag

Version 1.6.1

  • [Added] Option to add contacts to multiple clients
  • [Fixed] Some design issues beacause of new admin theme
  • [Updated] Table columns does have a better procentual width
  • [Updated] Some other design improvements inside a listtable
  • [Added] A searchbox to search trough tables on item names
  • [Added] A searchbox to search trough dropdownlists
  • [Removed] Description column from the invoice productlis

Version 1.5.9

  • [Fixed] Failed nonce check on delete
  • [Updated] Displays the generated invoicenumber on creation
  • [Updated] Shows the dropdown options in right order
  • [Updated] Operation of the linked user field clarified
  • [Fixed] Multisite singe column issue
  • [Updated] Timer clarified and slightly modified
  • [Added] Option to add an invoice number prefix
  • [Updated] Hides the view invoice button while creating
  • [Fixed] Backslash issue on wysiwyg editors
  • [Added] Option to select by user loginname, nicename, email ect.
  • [Updated] The overall look of the configuration
  • [Updated] Language adjusted and improved
  • [Added] Client Portal settings clarified
  • [Added] Option to hide ( everybody or linked users) the client portal
  • [Added] Works on multisite now
  • [Fixed] Doesn’t place the menu in network admin anymore
  • [Fixed] The insufficient permissions reported by multisites
  • [Fixed] The insufficient permissions message after client login
  • [Updated] Intere structure of the plugin changed and improved

Version 1.4.1

  • [Fixed] Multisite permission issue
  • [Added] Extra description to some fields

Version 1.4.0

  • [Fixed] Multisite setup issue
  • [Updated] Display elapsed time in realtime

Version 1.3.2

  • [Fixed] First item issue
  • [Added] Custom fixed invoice item
  • [Updated] Invoice template

Version 1.3.0

  • [Fixed] First start timer issue
  • [Added] Custom invoice header and footer (add own logo)
  • [Added] Option to add custom currency’s
  • [Fixed] Replaced companyname for clientname
  • [Fixed] Client adress isn’t required anymore
  • [Added] Option to generate an automatic invoicenumber
  • [Added] Option to add custom tax/discount fixed before invoice totals
  • [Added] Invoice title
  • [Added] Mail invoices to clients
  • [Added] Export invoice to pdf-file
  • [Added] Project file/document repository (visible in the client portal)
  • [Added] VAT-number for clients

Version 1.2.1

  • [Added] Invoice payments with Paypal Buy-Now
  • [Fixed] Some Major changes for payments with Paypal Buy Now
  • [Added] Option to change currency per invoice
  • [Added] Option to change tax per invoice
  • [Added] Clientportal
  • [Fixed] Anonymous functions replaced (compatibility older PHP versions)
  • [Fixed] Remove recursively
  • [Fixed] Not correctly working listtable tabs

Version 1.0.0

  • [Created] Brand spanking new!


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