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crab footnotesCrab FootnotesCrab-Footnotes

crab footnotesCrab Footnotes1477381909_151_Crab-Footnotes crab footnotesCrab Footnotes1477381909_312_Crab-Footnotes crab footnotesCrab Footnotes1477381909_759_Crab-Footnotes crab footnotesCrab Footnotes1477381910_196_Crab-Footnotes

The Crab Footnotes  wordpress plugin is a plugin that let you to display footnotes, with several styles, in order to make easy for users to read footnotes in your posts or s.

– Is responsive, and easy to use and  to customize. it’s working in wordpress 3.6 +

– Tested in all major modern browsers.

crab footnotesCrab Footnotes1477381910_371_Crab-Footnotes

crab footnotesCrab Footnotes1477381910_96_Crab-Footnotes

crab footnotesCrab Footnotes1477381910_491_Crab-Footnotes

crab footnotesCrab FootnotesCrab-Footnotes

crab footnotesCrab Footnotes1477381910_938_Crab-Footnotes


  09/12/2014: Fix an issue.
  16/03/2014: Fix: Tooltip Conflict.
 09/03/2014:  ADDED: new style : Number with Bottom effect 
  Fix: restart  numbering of footnotes to  1 for each new article 


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