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imdb for wordpressIMDb for WordPressIMDb-for-WordPress

The IMDb for wordpress plugin allows you to display movies, series and actors via your editor or make use of the Widget.

Last update: 19.12.2015 (Changelog)

imdb for wordpressIMDb for WordPressIMDb-for-WordPress – Please don’t forget to rate my plugin if you enjoy it! :) imdb for wordpressIMDb for WordPressIMDb-for-WordPress


  • Use the imdb shortcode inside your editor and it will be converted magically into a stylish movie/series/actors box.
  • Translated data for movies and tv shows (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese and Dutch)
  • Display actors
  • Including a Widget for output within your sidebars
  • Responsive Design: Optimized for tablets and smartphones
  • Choose from different styles
  • Enable and Disable certain functions via settings
  • Additionally customizable by using CSS
  • Automatic updates via your wordpress dashboard
  • Structured configuration of an easy configuration
  • No expert knowledge needed!


  • Try out the online demo
  • Well prepared and detailed documentation
  • Regular updates and improvements: Go though the changelog

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