Test Drive Sandbox

test drive sandboxTest Drive SandboxTest-Drive-Sandbox

test drive sandboxTest Drive SandboxTest-Drive-Sandboxtest drive sandboxTest Drive Sandbox1477362202_208_Test-Drive-Sandbox
test drive sandboxTest Drive Sandbox1477362202_434_Test-Drive-Sandboxtest drive sandboxTest Drive Sandbox1477362202_114_Test-Drive-Sandbox

Let your visitors access the admin area and test your theme before purchase!

Sandbox is an isolated computing environment in which a program or file can be executed without affecting the application itself. Literally it is a plugin that provides anonymous access to the wordpress admin area for visitors. Each visitor has their own unique database and their temporary changes will not affect other users.

Use Test Drive Sandbox without any risk!


Version 3.1

-- Fixed some bugs on Multisite wordpress

Version 3.0

-- Added Multisite support
-- Fixed save theme option for Redux Framework

Version 2.0

-- Added CDN users support
-- Added Setting Panel in dashboard

Version 1.0

-- Init


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