wp-justParallax, a parallax plugin for WordPress

wp-justparallax, a parallax plugin for wordpresswp-justParallax, a parallax plugin for Wordpresswp-justParallax-a-parallax-plugin-for-Wordpress

wp-justParallax.js is a lightweight javascript plugin which allows users to have a subtle parallax effect on elements on their wordpress website.

wp-justParallax.js supports a wide variety of browsers including IE6+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and many more!

New feature! When a targeted element is placed lower than the current viewport, the parallax will wait until the element has entered the screen before it triggers.

Customizable settings:

  • target. Target elements on which the parallax effect should apply.
  • speed. This settings defines the speed with which the background should scroll.
  • vertical. Defines whether or not the background should scroll vertically.
  • vertical_inversed. Defines whether or not the vertical scroll should be inverted.
  • horizontal. Defines whether or not the background should scroll horizontally.
  • horizontal_inversed. Defines whether or not the horizontal scroll should be inverted.

Check out the live preview for the full documentation and a playground.


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