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wordpress Mirror is a wordpress plugin that copies posts, s and other wordpress resources to another wordpress or site. All of this can be done easily with just one click, and every setting is made and done quickly within the wordpress admin area.

Our Demo Site

url: wpmirror.samcholi.com


target site: live.samcholi.com (Check this for mirrored content.)


Main Features

This plugin provides powerful functions.
While Copying Post or and Other resources

  • By using guid this plugin will create or overwrite the existing post or .
  • All the comments including replies for the post will be copied.
  • The status and published dates will be copied
  • The author information will be copied,too. If the author is existing on destination the user will be overwritten , otherwise the plugin will create a user on destination .
  • The categories for the post or will be copied. The categories will be created or overwritten according to the existence.
  • The parent and child structure of s will be copied in exact same.
  • Images , audios or videos for a post or will be copied while copying the post or .
  • Images , audios or videos will be added to the media library on destination .
  • Links as well as its categories will be copied.
  • Themes and plugins will be copied or overwritten according to the existence in destination .
  • Users can be copied as well as its roles.
  • Copy post tags.
  • Copy featured images.
  • Copy custom post types as well as custom taxonomies.

Other features

  • Mirror to any wordpress .
  • Easy to mirror.
  • Comprehensive view of the resources.
  • Fast navigating.
  • And much more.

Update History

Version 0.1:Fix bugs and update interface
Version 0.2:Improved error reporting.
Version 0.3:Removed pagination because of bug.
Version 0.4:Added mirroring featured image and post tag feature.
Version 0.5:Fixed minor bugs and added mirroring custom post type feature.
Version 0.6:Added feature of managing large data.
Version 1.0: Fixed selection issue on  change.
            Added Save and Load selection feature.
            Added multi-setting feature. 
Version 1.1: Fixed wordpress verison issue.
            Fixed bugs on file mirroring. 


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