WP Security Manager

wp security managerWP Security ManagerWP-Security-Manager

WP Security Manager is a wordpress plugin that provides all in one security solutions to your WP site.

Main Features

  • [Function 1] Block malicious IPs automatically & manually.Screenshot
  • [Function 2] Prevent from keylogging with virtual keyboard. Demo
  • [Function 3] Hide wp admin and change wp login url.
    Demo below.
    http://keiespro.expertsbuilder.com/sm/wp-admin/ … Hidden
    http://keiespro.expertsbuilder.com/sm/wp-login.php… Hidden
    http://keiespro.expertsbuilder.com/sm/findthis … A new secure way to go into back end.
  • [Function 4] Bot protectection with captcha in login , register & comment forms.Demo
  • [Function 5] Protect from brute-force login attack.
  • [Function 6] Supervise login activities. Screenshot
  • [Function 7]Alert via email with login attacks. Screenshot
  • [Function 8]Detect admin and change username.Screenshot
  • [Function 9] Change the ID on the user with ID 1.
  • More…

Virtual Keyboard
wp security managerWP Security ManagerWP-Security-Manager

Hide WP Admin
wp security managerWP Security Manager1477370363_211_WP-Security-Manager

Supervise Log Activity
wp security managerWP Security Manager1477370364_489_WP-Security-Manager

Captcha & Alert via email about attacks.
wp security managerWP Security Manager1477370365_228_WP-Security-Manager

Update History

May 16 2016:Tested with latest version of wordpress 
Dec 29 2013: Fully tested with wordpress 3.8
Sep 24 2013: Version 1.0.1 Compatibility with wordpress 3.6.1
Sep 17 2013: Version 1.0 Initial Release


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